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Three Iranian Women

Welcome to Our Blog!

We are three women from Iran, living and working in the United States of America! We found each other because we were looking for others to share our cultural experiences and stories with other new Americans.

Our blog is a humorous look at cross-cultural differences, domestic life here in America, and our experiences of the melting pot here in the USA. We hope it gives our American friends a new insight into Middle Eastern culture, and we hope it gives your Iranian friends the same insight into America!  A birds-eye view!

Thoughts today:
by Firuzeh

Today, I am thinking a lot about the election process here in America. In the past few months, or years–as it feels like–I have seen so many debates and speeches and interviews, that it feels like several elections have already gone by, surely!

But, I am told again and again that many voters have not made up their minds. They are waiting. For what, I ask? What will change? Either you are happy with the way things are going, or you are not! We are so much more business-like in Iran. I hear many Westerners say that in the Middle East, nothing changes. However, I think it’s more like many things change, all the time, and more rapidly. Back home, our friends and families just voted for the Iranian parliament. In two weeks. That’s it!

Now, maybe you’d say that not much has changed. And sure, the religious authorities control each candidate, to make sure that some real progressive candidates do not get through.

This is true, but here is what I think: This year, like many years recently, we have elected more reformists. Not a majority, but there are more reformists in the parliament. And this improves every year, despite the efforts of the religious leadership.

So, where I think this is a lesson for us Americans is, the reason all these elections gradually turn things towards the will of the people, instead of staying the same, is because people vote. Many more people vote. It’s not mandatory in Iran, and there is much more voter suppression than there is in the USA, by any measure.

They feel much more strongly. They do not need a year to decide, because they do not turn in only once every four years, like so many people here, it seems to me.

So, I want to ask our American followers to go and vote this year, and to make decisions based on your feelings. We have an amazing opportunity in this country, and I think it takes immigrants to point this out to some Americans who are too disenfranchised to participate in their own system. 

P.S. On an entirely different note, Parvaneh has discovered the wonders of the steam mop. She has already voted, and tells me that she can't bear to watch any more speeches or talking heads on the television. So, she's been going to town on spring cleaning! All I hear from her are her very long, excited steam mop reviews, and pictures of all the messes she's been waiting to deal with all winter. Well, at least spring is in the air!

Here's her update:

One of our recent discoveries as American homeowners is how much easier it is to keep things clean here. In Iran, as you know, there are so many trade embargoes and treaties which make it hard to get modern things shipped in from overseas. You see the obvious ones in the news footage, Tehran is full of old cars, cell phones from a few years ago, that sort of thing. But cleaning is where we really fell behind.

We had vacuums back home, of course, but nothing like the vacuums we found here. However, what we really weren’t prepared for was all the other fancy gadgets we’ve found here in America! For instance, when did steam mops get invented? We didn't get the memo!

Anyway, I think they’re the absolute coolest. My new one is making my spring cleaning really fun. It feels so gadgety and cool–very American! In fact, I think that they should have been a key part of the Iran deal from this past year! If you want the Iranian people to be on your side, President Obama, you must show them how much better things will be with open trade! Send them Hershey bars! Send them all the seasons of Walking Dead! And send them steam mops! Peace in no time!

And lest anyone say we’re becoming too Westernized and have lost touch with the old elbow grease, let me just say, cleanliness is godliness! So, I can clean for Allah 5 times a day!